Just a few days ago, specifically the November 28, the web Miniregalos.com opened its doors to customers with the philosophy of being a different store aimed at all audiences.

During this first stage we will be able to find, above all, gifts in which the product sublimation or, so that we all understand each other, the Personalization of products with photos. In its current catalog there are handbags, purses, shirts, canvases and household items and household goods (tiles, bath mats, cushions or trays).

They also help us find a product based on the budget we have or want to spend. On the left side a list of price ranges and just select one of them to show us the products that adapt to our request.

Some of the features and services that we can find in this online store are:

  • Secure payment via Paypal.
  • Existence of a single page to complete and complete the order.
  • Possibility of paying as a visitor, without the need for prior registration of the required user.
  • Recommendation to your friends through the mail of yahoo, hotmail or gmail.
  • Evaluation of the products and opinions of the users that can guide us when making the purchase.
  • Promotional codes (also available for our blog, below).
  • Track the order via the web with your order number.
  • Help to move quickly through the store, without any problem to find the gift that best suits your needs.
  • Reasons to personalize gifts with high quality photos (enlargement catalog).
  • Wish list so your friends or family can make the gifts you want.
  • Surprise gifts.
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Due to its launch, customers can now take advantage of promotions and special discounts. All readers of 2.0 decoration, Amor.net y Christmas, you can get a discount of 5 € by entering the code that we provide in our blogs.

The process is as follows: once we have chosen the product and we reach the final phase of the purchase, a box will appear asking us for a discount code. In this case, the code that customers who have visited our blogs must enter is: BRIGHT COLOR, all together. Once accepted, the discount will be made automatically.

Take advantage of the opportunities offered Miniregalos.com for this Christmas and you will save some eurillos, which are so necessary now. In the near future they announce that they will have more promotions in DVD products and Games.

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