It is very good to be careful to have a nice appearance. Not only because it is necessary to represent in the best way our work position and comply with the protocol required by our responsibilities, not only because it reinforces our self-esteem and in some way gives order to our life, not only because it improves our social interaction capabilities. It is important to strive to have a nice appearance because after controlling the issue to the maximum it is possible to understand that it is not fundamental, it is not necessary to be beautiful or pretend to be.

Imagen 13

The designer LISA WIDEM has endowed a really useful and necessary object with message. The piece, which is basically a mirror of excellent quality and size, has a frame made with old frames of eyeglasses, which are used to see well. The reflection on the image is proper but it can be something like that despite what we see in front when we reflect in the mirror, we must understand that many other looks observe us in different ways and that we are not what we see ourselves and even less what others think.

The lamp COIL or Spiral

It is a call to internally revise and less attention to the surface. It is a beautiful object that lends a use and encourages us to do it better and better.

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