Design mirror with wires

The mirrors are great allies in decoration, since depending on where we place them, they will reflect natural light, making the space brighter. As well we can use them to optically increase the space, if they are used covering a complete wall. Also, depending on the shape of the cut or the frame they have, they become a decorative object more on our walls.

This time it occurred to me to make a series of four mirrors for the wall from a dining room where there are paintings on the side walls, but the back wall was empty. The style of the dining room and of the main furniture of the living room of this apartment, could be said to be ethnic. They are Indonesian furniture made of wuengue wood and woven fiber with cushions in light tones and the accessories are quite modern, in materials such as silver and glass.

This is why I came up with some mirrors decorated with wire, which act as a frame to match the other accessories.

Wires for design mirrorHandy mirror with wires
I used simple galvanized wire, which we always have at home for plumbing work or arrangements in general and a copper colored wire which is used to make necklaces. Two tweezers, one straight and another cylindrical to be able to make wire spirals, (these tweezers are obtained in the houses where they sell articles for goldsmith's work). transparent glue and mirrors cut to size.

Creativity mirror with wires

They look pretty well placed on the wall ... but now it occurred to me to make them stand out with a background in darker paint. I will continue working on the decoration and design of this wall. Then I will show you how the final result is.

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