There is a large number of designers devoted to the creation of furniture that does not respect the usual size of the piece, specifically speaking this trend transforms part of the furniture in its dimensions by exaggeratingly extending the same

This is the case of furniture and accessories of the Luxo brand, which stands out as part of this trend.

The brand launched a novel lamp model designed by Jac Jacobsen desingner which is within the characteristics of this trend and was dubbed "The Great One"

We all aspire to live in large spaces, although we are aware that this reality is impossible more in cities where the population is huge agglomeration.

Therefore a design style that proposes furniture of atypical dimensions might seem an irony, but far from that is a form of humor, although it sounds strange the quality and particular touch that adds to our spaces has achieved its rapid acceptance although our spaces be reduced.

Scale is a basic notion that every designer must have at its beginnings, others more experienced allow the experience of oversizing

All these new design icons characterized by their giant size might seem impossible to apply in decorating any home.

But its use can represent a renewed and novel sense of a new aesthetic line that well orchestrated manages to represent unique or novel environments.

Big, big, huge.

The demonstration of the clear and massive acceptance of these models of accessories of particular characteristics was not only reflected in the sales of the company Luxo.

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But in a show of lighting at the Furniture Fair in Milan justified by the most qualified designers as daring, and bearer of a seal that the luminaire can contribute to any design project.

The structure of this lighting giant is stainless steel with a top cover composed of an aluminum alloy.

Its creators say it can be implemented in almost any room although we could say that the place where it would stand out most is in the center of our room, where it can provide a real breath of fresh air.

Lighting is a fertile ground for exploring the implementation of furniture out of scale.

Countless brands such as Luxo or AnglePoise are in the midst of promoting furniture framed in "Big Scale" of its most classic designs

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