In the decoration we can find some elements that by their disposition and dynamism are actually elements of a great adaptation and logical management between its accessory and indispensable character, either in relation to aesthetics or the functions that they provide, one of these are The mirrors, which regardless of the disposition are plausible to find in all homes.

mirrored furniture

That is why we deliver this creative way to introduce them inside the decoration, forming part of the furniture in a modern and dynamic context which called, mirrored furniture and is responsible for the beauty and sobriety even with a youthful air of great adaptation.

furniture with mirrors-1

Gervasoni is a company that proposes to decorate with these elements but away from the traditional concept of the mirrors proposes them with novel materials that promote their same characteristics while highlighting strength and durability, the reasons that they present are varied and are focused on a classic concept, where detail and artist forms are present in a subtle way.

furniture with mirrors-2

Gray is one of its collections, it presents a great variety of models, among them the Gray 66 a mirrored dresser that qualifies this Novel solution in the decorative concept with the fineness of the wood and its forms, achieving an incredible balance of this wood between luxury and sensuality.

furniture with mirrors-3

In another frame but in equal measure we find no longer the furniture mirrored and highlighted by different materials but those that conform in its entirety of mirrored pieces, the result is a piece that manages to isolate itself from traditional conceptions and is able to be implemented in a very functional way in both modern and classic spaces, the chosen shapes are defined by straight lines in juvenile spaces or simulate the most beautiful of the classic pieces in a decorative process of a noble nature.

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