Modern decoration is one of the styles most used today when decorating any room. It is possible to find catalogs full of furniture designed to achieve this type of aspect. Today we want to focus on the use of modular compositions to decorate this part of our house. Furniture made of wood and of great quality, perfect to adapt to any type of space.

Within these modular compositions, we find modules for television, different holes and drawers, back of television with light or shelves for the wall. All of them with the peculiarity of having hidden hardware.

As we can see in the examples that we bring you, flat colors predominate, such as white, gray or black. These tones allow us to enhance the modern style. We will also notice how they are simple furniture, where the straight shapes and fine lines are the protagonists. All with the intention of creating a cozy and comfortable place.

Composition with TV cabinet and two shelves

The first example of modular composition is formed by a television module with two doors, a drawer and two holes designed to be able to place in them what we want. We also find a wooden back that covers much of the wall and that offers an integrated light system. Finally, there are two small shelves whose anchors are hidden.

White furniture composition

As we have commented previously, clear tonalities are usually used in this type of compositions. The one we see in the image is made of oak wood. As in the previous case, It has a TV cabinet that has a swing door and a drawer with glass. We also observed the stackable module of 2 doors and 2 boxes with shelves. We must also highlight the back with light, something that is increasingly fashionable.

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Composition without rear television

Although we have said that the backs are increasingly used, we can also find the case that they are not used. Here we find a composition in oak wood formed by a TV cabinet that has a folding door, 1 drawer and 2 hollows. As well It has a stackable module in the shape of an "L" that rests on the TV cabinet. A hanging module with 1 glass door and another with 6 hollows has been placed. As in the previous cases, the shelves have hidden hardware.

Composition with mixed colors

Finally we leave you another composition that has caught our attention because of the mixture of colors. White has been used for the rear of the television and the hanging piece with 6 holes. On the other hand, the TV cabinet has a wood color and has two doors, a box with 2 recesses and a 1 drawer.

What opinion do you have of modular furniture to design a modern room? Encourage and share your comments with us. We are waiting for you!