A few days ago we told you about a product that was presented during the Stockholm Design Week 2010, held from 8 to 14 in February in the Swedish capital, and days later we continue to echo some of the novelties and designs that have been shown there; some that combine modernity with tradition like this Swedish studio design Muungano

His name is Baufrica and in it certain touches of tradition and modernity are mixed. The modernity is provided by the simple forms of the furniture using steel tubes painted in eye-catching colors for armrests and other parts. The tradition comes from the hand of the woods, barely carved barely treated, which create the structure and on which the rest rests. Armchairs or sofas upholstered with felt that are completed with tables and lamps that follow the same design pattern.

Aesthetically no doubt draws attention, is a very unique and colorful set that no doubt many will not dare to use.

Further information: Muungano

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