The OLIVIET design house put, at the end of the 90 years, in the hands of the French designer Phillippe Starck, the responsibility of designing a portable and lightweight radio, which could easily be used as a desk accessory and had a striking and organic design. In response to the request Starck, who is one of the most original and creative designers of our time, born in Paris at 1949 and who has received many of the most important recognitions to his work as the National Grand Prize of Industrial Creation and the Honorary Award of the American Institute of Architects, I created the MOOSK model.moskradioThe small system of radio signal reception and sound amplification measures 21 cm. of height and 14,5 cm in diameter and its supporting structure, which resembles the legs of a fly, can reach an elongation of 8 cm. The original design was counseled by Gérôme Oliviet. Work began on the project at 1998, when the first piece came onto the market.

mooskradio2This small sample of the best design of the late twentieth century is available to us at ALESSI stores or on the website and it is in yellow, white, gray and orange.