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Thinking about planning our bedroom we usually repair in the central object of our decoration, the beds, they count on a remarkable number of dispositions that manage to mark tendency and aesthetic sense, nevertheless the ornaments they acquire vital importance when the decorative practice bets on a functionality.

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That is why in this case we repaired the functionality proposed by some furniture pieces that are combined with the He developed systematic marking and defining beds in space.

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To develop our concepts we will rely on images, as in this case the representation of a French hotel in which we can appreciate that the rug under the bed is not only ornamental but indispensablely complementary, its application generates a more careful appearance that combines with bedding and furniture while its warm tone does not generate a marked highlight but a completely complementary aspect.

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P. Pedrico Bomit. He is a remarkable creative artist who makes many of his pieces completely customized, in this case orWe offer a luxury apartment that perfectly combines a comfortable stay with a classic conformation, the couch arranged at the foot of the bed highlights the tonalities, proposes comfort, while inspiring comfort and elegance.

But the solutions not only accompany high luxury, we will find that rustic representations systematically rely on objects that are not always valued in their true value until they are integrated into the development of a decoration that introduces them by enhancing their decorative capacity despite their apparent shortcomings

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However, the proposal of a luxurious, classic and rustic room seems completely innovative and is that in many cases where it is created or conceived in the integration of such disparate and different elements since their aesthetics can combine the results are remarkable.

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To finish we must affirm that both small benches, backs, built-in furniture, couches, or decorations that propose the stay as it happens when the wood armchairs and stoves stand out, all are indispensable and creative combinations that promote to a greater or lesser extent a harmony that reigns and establishes the clear parameters for a good rest in a pleasant and functional room.

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