In previous articles we place special emphasis on the decorative development of pieces as elementary as indispensable, this is the case of the doors on which we detail some confections and creations of a purely decorative character but without falling in detriment of the necessities that the modern life imposes, as they are the security.

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In this case we will stop at the decorative confection of another elementary element in the preparation of our home, the windows, and framed in this aspect we developed the different alternites of which we have to efficiently design the decoration of this accessory element as part of a global provision.

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The concrete echo does not mean that the windows can not become the central object of our decoration, in fact in the big mansions of eccentric millionaires it is usual to observe how they transcend the aesthetic guidelines by exaggerating the windows or presenting them as true electronic toys that allow the opening of domes or incredible windows facing the most exotic and beautiful places on the planet.

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However for those of us who are not millionaires, decorate our windows as an accessory object of a global confection is a task that is not always taken into account or in its real magnitude

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To begin we will highlight the incredible aesthetic presentation that suggests the use of angled windows for sheds and complex sites, adapting our need for light to the morphological characteristics of the house, the so-called roof windows are increasingly popular, but we must bet on quality if we intend to avoid a large number of problems, so we highlight the Velux models, lightweight safe, and completely insulating both thermal and acoustic factors.

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In another order of things technology is presented as a wonderful solution to modern problems, and this is also clear in the shaping of our windows, it is an electric model that allows to close or open windows through a remote control, comfort , elegance and avant-garde that is also a great solution for people with reduced mobility or disabilities, the model in this case also corresponds to Velux.

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But orienting ourselves to the more traditional practices in window decoration, we find the always well received vinyls, which can be a brilliant option if we take as a starting point that they can be removed when desired.

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The curtains are an accessory incredibly beneficial and in that framework we find a wide range of solutions, they are not only decorative objects but they protect the privacy and protect our furniture, in this case we present some novel models of the creator Gradulux precisely from its Duette collection.

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