You know what in we like to offer you economic and original ideas that allow you to reuse and take away what you already have at home, give a second chance to items and furniture that apparently have nothing to offer. Today, a new idea in this line ...

If you have a pet, I'm sure it's the king or queen of the house. That's why they deserve a special corner in the home ... And, today, I want to show you an original idea that will allow you to create a perfect space for your pet. A space in which you can sleep and in which you can store all your little things.

a corner for pets

If you notice, it's a simple comfortable. Yes, a comfortable »enabled», but an old comfortable after all.

To adapt it to the decor and to give it a more modern look, the first thing that has been done is to paint it, paint with a very striking and modern red color. At the bottom of the chest of drawers, a comfortable cushion has been placed that will help your dog or cat sleep and rest comfortably. On the side there are two very practical hangers that allow to always have at hand the mail, the necklace, etc. The dresser also has two drawers and a practical shelf in which some boxes and baskets have been placed that match the color of the dresser and also offer an ideal storage space to store all the things of your dog or cat: your goodies Preferred, all your collars, your toys, the vet's papers, etc.

A practical, original and economical idea ... Do you want to create a nice corner for your pet?