I have already found a new utility for boxes of "Melons de Villaconejos" that I have at home, of course they are not only from Villaconejos but because of my lands they are known for it. We also find them in bakeries, greengrocers, markets, etc ... in order to transport food.

It is a Brazilian design Mauricio Arruda and has baptized his creation as José. It is inspired by the neighborhoods of Brazil and thinking about the care of the environment.

Each wooden structure has endifuras / hollows in which the boxes are introduced instead of drawers, as a nod to the markets of fruits, vegetables and brazilian vegetables. The wood has been certified by FSC and finished with wax instead of solvent. In addition, the containers are made of recycled plastic.

In this way you save on wood expense and also give a use to a plastic that is likely to go directly to the trash.

Vía: Design Milk