In the mind of the designer Carlos Tíscar the furniture of the house reminded him sometimes of singular human faces, or like little robots that at night, when everyone is asleep, come alive (something like the toys of Toy Story). The same thing happened to me, and I liked to look for those faces for all the furniture in the house, thinking that one was angry, the other happy, one was older, another a child .... The difference between the designer and me is that he decided to give them life and create their own designs with faces and gestures, and thus came to the creation of Facebox

These are cabinets with wheels of various colors and sizes, with handles in the shape of eyes or mouth, which can be purchased through the web and which are defined as «a family of small furniture that besides being very useful, they accompany you with his friendly presence ».

Carlos Tiscar puts the imagination and the company BM the logistics, with which each one can enter and choose the model that he likes the most available or create their own combinations. They are really fun.

More information: Fabebox

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