The furnishings of the Room of the children, have to be works, because their continued use of studies, free time, meetings of friends ... will be present and the furniture It has to serve you for all this kind of occasions and moments.

The color should be the one they like the most, because they are the ones who will relax at the time of the study and they should be comfortable.

El desk, a fundamental part of the whole, it is very important, it has to be so that it can take advantage of all the space, that there are no dead corners, that is, that its school and work supplies occupy all the places. Try that the Retro American have wheels for easy handling of movement, thus avoiding chafing on the floor when moving.

Essential element, the lamp of the desk, because the light should not be missing in a place of study.

Furniture accessories are the Racks to locate the rest of books and other necessary tools.

If the child's room changes color as it grows older, and you want to save a little, ideally it should be of natural color, for example, pine, oak ... any natural color of wood that is far from children's colors, because children grow up very fast and will get tired of dolls and drawings of animated characters. Another optional color, may be white, this color does not go out of fashion in furniture, although it is a little uncomfortable for cleaning.

Source: children space