El Kraft It is a material like cardboard but more resistant that is beginning to be used lately in decoration. With it you can form almost a complete room, with stools, chairs, sofas, tables and shelves that are also completely customizable since they are sold with the brown base but can be painted to suit each one.

Their material is highly resistant and they support between 300 and 1.700 kg of weight, although to the naked eye it does not seem it. Its assembly is very simple since you only have to fit the pieces.

The Kraft is a further attempt to integrate the ecology in the decoration as the materials are natural and fully recyclable.

Further information: Okupa Kit

Via: Monkeyzen


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      I can not tell you where to get this furniture in Mexico, but you can contact a distribution company yourself, in the article itself at the end you have a link to put more information, if you click on it you will be redirected to the website where you can contact the company and ask them directly.

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