In Zara Home there is always news, and with the new spring summer season 2012, there are many flirtatious, and practical furniture of Zara Home. A variety of small white tables that keep the basic color of the summer season but also in different sizes and styles that will adapt well to many home environments. And you already know a little table is a coquetry that can do more for decoration than you imagine.

Round tables, square tables, of regular and small size, all in white, are a lovely option furniture by Zara Home because some are folding and you know that when the warm days arrive there is no shortage of friends to visit us and we can arm ourselves with a snack in the garden or on the terrace, and for that reason they are easy to take and bring and store when we do not have them in use, there are some more refined style that come well to place as a decorative detail without more use to be there to support a vase or other ornament in the room.

There are some options within these furniture by Zara Home, of stools so flirty and so useful. Some have a stamped appearance that gives an oriental touch and another with textile material that imposes a "tribal" trend. Practical and attractive tables among which stands out a flirtatious elegant table in the best style of the East, which you can put in any corner and make it the repository of perhaps that collection of ornaments that you do not find yet site ... I love them all and you will love them .

There are always new features as we have said in Zara Home, is not for always always innovating Zara Home has positioned itself as a reference when thinking about decorative elements of furniture by Zara Home, but also linens, bedding for each bedroom, baby clothes and other attractive and quality products.