Furniture in children's decoration

Whenever we talk about children's decoration, whatever the goal that we set ourselves, it is more than advisable to start from a slightly ethereal but effective base; not to believe that our concept of adult over children's taste must necessarily be successful.

In this sense, it is very worth knowing the tastes and needs of our children to adapt them to the real, to the possible and the comfortable, because, of course, a basic characteristic of children's furniture must necessarily be comfort and usability. of the furniture and elements used.

From that point on, the truth is that children's furniture allows us licenses that maybe other spaces in the house and other decorative concepts do not allow. As we can see in the photo that heads this article, even a classic concept like the set of bed, small table, small wardrobe and shelves with a computer table, can be dressed and endowed with a very special and cheerful color that makes a clear difference.

But in addition, children's furniture gives us also for experimentation, for the mixing of furniture from a certain concept. In this case, an ingenious space that takes advantage of the need for bunk beds to create a really attractive and compact piece of furniture where, even the access stairs to the upper bunk become useful drawers, taking advantage of the space to the maximum and without renouncing color and design in any way.