There is no color more summer than blue ... we always find it captivating, it makes us think of calm evenings in front of the sea, in the heavens of a summer full of promises of relaxation and fun. Do not you love blue? and blue is the color that Ikea True Blue makes yours and converts furniture, accessories and many more beautiful details to decorate the house this season. And in pure blue and combined with white, this collection is fabulous!

As the Ikea campaign to promote these furniture and ornaments Ikea True Blue, you do not have to leave home to feel the season. Maybe you just need to renew the garden, a chair outside coquettishly placed, many cushions to lie down to enjoy the stars of a warm summer night, or better a summer afternoon to read a book or listen to music. Cushions for friends to feel when they visit this vacation.

Some blue glasses and white glasses, for the drinks when you organize that roast a weekend full of sun, and of course many other things, if you can make a special atmosphere, because in Ikea True Blue There are also tents, a caravan-style tent that you will love, full of cushions and coquetries will make you forget that you are at home to immerse yourself in a special atmosphere of summer charm.

A small table, an armchair, curtains, everything, you will find in these images of everything you like, and everything that can contribute to make of home, the most cozy and comfortable in front of the torrid summer ... what do you expect to put the touch of summer blue to the garden or the terrace? Ikea has what you need and do you remember that it is a sale season? we are going to make the house like a beautiful summer, a holiday atmosphere without leaving home.

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