The small spaces, are sometimes a problem, we can solve this with a little bit of ideas, for that, there are small and functional furniture.

Currently, most of the homes shows small, Room little, rooms, kitchens... to it, it accompanies the irregular forms, corners wasted ... a whole that can get to show irregularity.

First of all, you have to think about what things to keep (clothes, sheets, quilts, CDs, books, toys ...), once, taken into account, we can know what kind of furniture is best suited for it, it has to be a piece of furniture that serves as a warehouse and does not occupy too much space.

The desk tables without drawers, are wasted, because the materials and work tools have to be stored somewhere if we want to have a little order. If you have a computer on the work table, use a tray for the keyboard to have everything more collected.

In the dining room, it is essential to have the crockery at hand, because it is somewhat uncomfortable to enter and leave the kitchen to get a forgotten dish or glass, for this, the dressers are a good store of household goods in this place.

The coffee tables, in which everything goes to stop, it is best to choose them with low shelves, so you can put some objects (books, figures, boxes of chocolates, candy basket, pots), this way it will not bother anything if You have to serve some drinks to the visitors or just put some appetizer while you are watching TV.

Source: decorate illuminates