The ideal and perfect home depends, to a large extent, on our organization, order and, of course, the cleaning and care of furniture and coatings. According to the care we give our house, the house will look like new.

Today Decoration 2.0 we tell you some tips, to keep in mind, to keep our home as the first day.

The lacquered furniture It is very fashionable, especially for modern and updated decorations. Its delicate appearance has nothing to do with the simple maintenance that this type of furniture supposes. Just rub carefully, with a cloth; we wet it in water and soap.

We passed the rag and then a chamois to dry them, in this way your furniture will be shiny.

If your lacquered furniture is spoiled, with small scratches We can make use of a spray wax. The transparent wax will be used for deeper scratches.

Many of us select steel furniture, because they contribute elegance and great beauty to the stay. We can find this type of furniture with anti-fingerprint finish... but with the dust and grease, if they are kitchen furniture, over time some marks will appear.

If we want to maintain its brightness we will make a mix of water and neutral soap, with a little ammonia. We will apply this mixture with a sponge; To dry, use a dry, lint-free cloth.

As you can see the cleanliness of the furniture is something very particular, but with some simple tricks, these, can look like the first day.

In the next article we will comment how to clean mud floors, tiles and boards or chandeliers.

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