In our father's house there have been, and still are, a number of furniture that although they are old and look a bit worn and old, we have always looked beautiful, beyond their style or far from representing a lot of history for us personal. The antique furniture has in its favor the generosity of its measure and the perfection of its manufacture; they are, moreover, the product of the work of the hands of an expert and their construction material as valuable as the furniture itself.

It is not foolish to think that we should reuse these furniture; Every time we receive a deposit or inheritance, tears come from our eyes, happiness and sadness. Nor should we ignore the fact that we must also increase the family collection, acquiring valuable furniture, for its design, quality and manufacture, thinking that our children inherit them, and with them a tradition and family history.


There are lamps on the market, standing and table, which by their qualities are ideal for increasing this selection of valuable objects of the family.

The TILE lamp, which has a beautiful ceramic base and a screen handmade in the finest Indian cotton, is available in two sizes: the long, ideal for the living room or office, measures 119 cm high and its base 49 cm, the screen is 65 cm high and its diameter is 45; and the small one, which will look perfect in the children's room or in the main room, measures 85 cm in height and the base has 24 cm.

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