Carlos Motta is a Brazilian ex-surfer and architect who began to create furniture with pieces of wood that reached the coast of Sao Paulo brought by the tide in the 70 years. After graduating in Architecture at 1976 he moved to California where he continued his carpentry studies and two years later he returned to Brazil and opened his own workshop.


He decided to work with recycled wood, demolition waste, pieces from the coasts and rivers and FSC certified wood, and in this way cause a lower environmental impact. Benches, chairs, tables, sofas and other commissioned projects fill your workshops and collections. Its furniture is sold in Brazil, New York, Los Angeles, the Netherlands and Paris.



  1. your furniture is excellent because i dedicate myself to the same. and I use all the trees that I find fallen and gajois of the pruning greetings

  2. [...] a thousand and one ideas. To start we propose, among others, that you visit the website of the designer Carlos Motta, an artist who uses wood that the sea returns to the coast to make his designs, or [...]

  3. Beautiful furniture by Carlos Mota and the need to reuse and build furniture from reused raw materials. I design furniture povera and I sell them in the multi-space of Emporda Girona LA BOBILA if someone wants to see on the web there are some but I have to update it. Soon I will dedicate myself to it

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