In most large cities we would be forced to live in increasingly smaller condominiums, in the outskirts, or apartments, in the center, and this situation results in others that we must solve every day. An example of this is the constant challenge of furnishing smaller and smaller spaces, and from this we can improve and use the few but precious meters available to us in a more economical way. Responding to this increasingly common situation, designers of the house DESIGNERS AND LARGE have developed a line of furniture created specifically for small environments. Inspired by the wonderful evolution of the family of flatfish, the FLATFISH collection has been conceived as a set of pieces that intelligently adapt to contemporary urban life.


The piece FLATFISH NO. 2 fulfills two complementary functions: extended is a coffee table of very good size, to drink tea or develop a pleasant meeting around it, and closed, it is a beautiful chair, without back, which makes perfect game with the table and has capacity of two or three seats. With just turning the legs of the table, or extending the legs of the chair, we will have in the living room an avant-garde furniture made of plywood and stainless steel structure. The details of its finishes and its rounded shape recalls the design of the 70 years. More information on the website

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