6: 00 am on a Monday morning, the day that is repeated five times during the week. I wake the children to take a shower and breakfast. I see them, I put their backpacks and we go together to school, where I must pick them up in the afternoon to take them back home. Afterwards, ballet classes for the baby and swimming for the boy. In the midst of these activities I work in an office, I read, I review, I change, I coordinate. I finish the day fulminada and it is not only for doing all the activities that I have just mentioned; I add to this that my children are hyperactive, even if the psychologist denies it.

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I thank heaven every time I manage to get their attention but I do not see with good eyes that they are computer games or television. I would like you to dedicate yourselves to exploring the imagination and its creativity. I like everyday objects that allow them to play, they are more complex entertainment than a simple video console. I remember how much I enjoyed the layman, the plasticine, the board, the rope and the bicycle. It will sound a bit old-fashioned but one of my favorites was the abacus, I'm an expert at calculating.

I recently found a fabulous coat rack that is more than an accessory for my children. How it is shaped like an elephant - or something similar - and very good size, children do not stop playing with him while learning the importance of order. Hang in it drawings, toys, they would like to catch themselves. It is made of rounded aluminum so it does not represent any risk and measures 103 cm wide, 31 high and 5 thick. The designer is HEEYOUNG KIM.

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