We have already seen many nice suggestions decor childish, and the baby's room is not lacking in original ideas so that a cozy, colorful and fun decoration is arranged so that the baby is in the most beautiful of the bedrooms. And as we showed some ideas some days ago, very original for decorate with murals, the different environments of the house, today we show you something of this type of decoration for the baby's room.

They are ideas that you can adapt to your taste, surely you have in mind some decorative motifs that you would like to apply to the walls to make them more fun and give the touch ofe infantile decoration what do you need. As we have insisted in other post, it is important to take into account the necessary care to choose the paint well, because it must be totally free of toxic elements such as lead, be easy to clean and not peel off so that the baby is not exposed to fragments when you move around the room.

These beautiful suggestions of decoration of the baby room with murals, They recreate marine landscapes with dolphins, as if it were a small sea on the walls, in delicate pastel colors, ideal for boys and girls. An environment of beautiful butterflies, this is a special detail because the butterflies, far from becoming part of the painting, are added to the wall so that if they were flying.

A children's decoration classic with a wooden cradle of charming design and an environment where the brown and the combination of this with pastel colors creates a look of great elegance without clearing is altering the informality that you want to enjoy in a baby room. Each and every one of these decorations are ideal for you to apply to your baby's room or adapt the idea to the styles that you would like most.