Today in Decoration 2.0, we tell you how to make some great ones bats for the Halloween party. Using simple materials to gather and some balloons we will make bats to decorate our rooms next Halloween.

  • 2 Black balloons
  • Tape
  • Glue
  • Cardboard black and white
  • Scissors
The first thing we will do is inflate two balloons, remember to leave one more inflated than another. Then, the smallest, will be the head of our particular bat.
Now, the next thing we have to do is join the balloons together. We will do this in the area of ​​the knots and we can help with adhesive tape.
Take the black cardboard and draw the wings of the bat to then cut and paste them in the largest balloon. It will be easier, to stick them later, that we leave some eyelashes on the wings.
Now we draw and cut, in white cardboard, the eyes and the fangs of the bat. Stick these features on the smallest globe. Finally if you want to hang it on the roof, we can always knot the balloons at the end of a string and go!

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