If you are looking for a different, original shelf, one of those that impact and that is not seen regularly ... Let's see what you think about MYDNA.


MYDNAis a design Joel Escalona, a designer of Mexican origin.

It differs from the rest by its dynamic design, which visually has nothing to do with the designs we are used to seeing, much more static.

According to its designer, the bookshelf is inspired by human DNA. I do not know about you, but despite its particularity and design, I think I would never have reached this conclusion.

In addition to original striking, this particular shelf is also comfortable and functional thanks to its rotating base that allows to rotate the entire shelf 360º.

Despite its innovative and avant-garde design, it can be integrated into virtually any space and in any decorative style as it is available in a variety of colors: black, gray, blue, white, red, pink, green, yellow ...

There are two MYDNA models, the shelving, which has four shelves (the one you can see in the first image) and the side table, smaller, with only one shelf in the middle.


Personally, what has most struck me is the power it has to fill every elepacio. Normally, in any kind of decor, the shelves are located on the wall for basic questions: space and aesthetics. However, the MYDNA shelf is designed, precisely to break these ideals. Its circular base allows it to be located anywhere more central in the decoration without it implies a loss or waste of space, while its curvilinear design, open, clean, allows you to look from the perspective that looks, is attractive aesthetically.

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You can find more information about MYDNA in Madeby.