This Spanish rug brand He gives us all his genius to dress our spaces, making the piece and never again go unnoticed and form substantial part of the decoration.

Is that the rugs have gone through many stages in their conception, since extraordinary luxury pieces as in the lavish French salons of the middle of the century, to that accessory devoid of charm that we place near our door with the sole purpose of cleaning our feet.

For this and other reasons is that the Spanish maraca Nani Marquina he rescues the rugs from ostracism to create a totally revolutionary new conception.

The use of new advances of the textile industry, added to the cuts that laser technology also offers, help Nani Marquina achieve that its creators develop their full potential.

Bright, youthful, daring colors and totally transgressive forms combine to constitute the new rugs of the 21st century, who thought that this accessory had become obsolete or the new forms surpassed it in such a way that it passed the disuse, it can seem a surprise to them, on the other hand Nani Marquina and its creators the rugs they will always be valid.

La Spanish designer has presented its new models in the design salons most important of the old continent, obtaining not only the acceptance but the commotion of many critics who found in them the pure genius of their creators embodied in a pure and crystalline as a work of art.

Nani Marquina plays with colors, dares to design with high quality textiles, extremely friendly and above all things highly durable.

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No doubt the Spanish company has just written another page in the history of decoration and this ornamental accessory now indispensable.