En Decoration 2.0 we speak, on many occasions, of the importance of colors within the decoration. The color and tone, light or combination are very influential factors within this framework.

If you are looking for your stay that touch warm and cheerful spring... what better color than the beautiful orange. If you are a great lover of this color, today we show you some small tips that can be very useful.

The orange, being the warmest and warmest tone of the chromatic circle, is a transmitter of positive energies and optimism. If we want to apply this color on the walls, remember not to over saturate the remaining environment.

For its application, before doing it with a roller, we will help techniques such as sponge or gradient, in this way we will obtain a much more beautiful and complete result.

Accessories and furniture We will buy only after having analyzed well the stay we want to change. Maybe we can retrieve some furniture, upholstering it and restoring it. Remember that recycling is one of our best weapons to fight for the planet.

The color orange It has a wide range of tones. If you want to give a sophisticated and modern touch to the room we will use the different shades of this wide range, in the furniture and a more yellow tone for the walls.

To not overload the environment we will use the color beige or white, in complements, to delimit, without saturating. Among them we can use them on small rugs or beautiful rugs.

As well we can use the fuchsia color so as not to overload too much. In this way we will provide, to our stay, beautiful contrasts ... that if, remember to use them in accessories such as cushions, cushions or rugs, always in its right measure.

To release the environment we can also make use of glass doors, for example we can change the wooden sideboard by frosted glass. With this we will achieve depth and illumination.

In this space we can locate books and decorative objects. Decorate with oranges and white if you want to look for a good contrast. Remember to order your dressers very well, if you decide to put glass doors.

Placing a small piece of furniture under your dresser will be perfect for organize table linen and cutlery. We will use the surface to decorate with vases, flowers, fruit bowls, ashtrays ...

Finally if you want to give a retro touch, with the beautiful orange color, we can use prints of the moment and combinations that mix red, white, yellow, blue, turquoise, intense pink ... and, of course, the color orange.


  1. Hi, I would like to know if the orange color combines with some shade of blue for the walls of a bedroom? thanks please I need recommendations

    • Hello Lucas! Thanks for reading!
      The orange color is complementary to blue, so this color combines with all the shades of the blue palette. The pastel shades will be ideal for rooms whose goal is relaxation and reflection. Look for pure tones for compositions with contrasts.

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