There are many thinkers who imagine the cause of the solution to all the problems of modern man the recoil to our state of nature, a primary state where serial production and technology is not necessary, and only the connection between our being and nature is the only thing we really need.

Bleu Nature 4

Undoubtedly this requires a conscious decision of a large part, not to say of all humanity, a concept that is quite abstract and complex to achieve, but without doubt decoration can reach us the need to surround ourselves permanently with nature enjoying a state or primary conception of man.


Spaces for meditation, relaxation and of course the absence of practices that lead to an alteration of the senses are some of the characteristics that these spaces have, purity and conscience, luminosity and nature, efficient conditions for the cultivation of the soul and the delight of the senses.


Rustics could well be the determination of the furnishings provided in these spaces, but the truth is that they transcend this trend and could be considered naturists, because in the case of rustic furniture, it looks for beauty in less refined forms and minimal human interaction, however in the naturalist trend, the furniture tries to imitate naturalaza, Furniture with vegetal forms, tables, chairs and armchairs that conform their legs with the irreverence that a climbing plant can show when it grows.

Bleu Nature 1

Blue Nature is a clear concept and has several pieces focus on the trends, there are many others that develop a nuance, embedding in a highly refined piece and of a delicate confection the sensual wonder proposed by nature and its species.

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Bleu Nature 6

Hugo Frañasa is a Brazilian designer, resident in Bahia his contact with nature is daily, even more so in the country considered the vegetable reserve of humanity, taking as a starting point the manipulation techniques developed by the native peoples I make this wonderful set of furniture with a high decorative power.