Inside the Christmas decoration, there are a lot of ornamental objects of very low cost and great aesthetic impact, this is due in the first place to the disposition of the creators to make this type of pieces and the thriving development of elements conformed with different materials of use or common discard that are reused in post of the festive atmosphere.


You are curious inside the Christmas decoration, owes its beginnings to the short duration of the acquired pieces, since they are only ready for the festivity and later stored waiting for next year or discarded.


Among the different objects that we find to decorate our Christmas are those shaped on paper, this is neither more nor less than the evolutionary representation of an ancestral technique called origami today commonly known as papercraft, this technique tries through very precise cuts and bends to develop Decorative objects made of paper.


El cost that requires the manufacture of these implements is negligible since they can be satisfied with any type of paper and it should only require enough time to develop them.



Among them we find the making of swans that although they do not respond directly to the festivity, can be beautiful central highlights for a Christmas table, as well as small flowers or tiny tiny Christmas trees that can be made with napkins and decorate the plate or the surroundings of each diner.



Another typical and highly requested morphology within the technique are the so-called Christmas stars, which can be arranged for decorate our wall, or as hanging objects on our table or in the vicinity of our tree.

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Christmas wreaths, garlands and even the typical gift boxes can be implicit in the development of this technique that has several benefits since each piece will be unique and will mark a differential in its decoration, on the Internet you will find many models under papercraft, which can observe how cut-out models to download and print or manuals on the technique has developed to effectively cut and fold the paper.



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