Summer invites, without a doubt, to think about beach and sand ...

If your holidays have not yet arrived, I suggest you evoke those so desired days of sun, sea and sand, through decoration. It is a good excuse to renew the decoration in general and give it a new air, a fresher air and according to the season.

There are plenty of ways to include marine details or to evoke and remember the sea ... Below I will show you some of the many possibilities at your fingertips.

It is not necessary to invest a large amount of money to include in your decoration an original detail inspired by the sea and to remember it ... And, this is a good example of what I say:

sailor centerpiece

A simple tray, a bit of sand to cover the bottom, some candles to add a warm and relaxing "touch" to the atmosphere and some seashells; With just these elements you can create a perfect centerpiece ideal to decorate any room or corner. Of course, do not forget to choose the blue color, which is the color of the sea, as the protagonist.

And, if what you want to decorate is an open space like an area in the garden or the terrace, so that your candles remain lit and without risks, it adopts the same idea but introducing the candles in a transparent glass boat. The result is, simply great.

candles in a boat

The details and patterns that feature the stripes in navy blue and white are also a perfect choice.

marine stripes

As well as small details featuring elements traditionally marine or belonging to the sea such as shells, nets, sand, stones, fishhooks, lifeguards, boats, etc.

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