The designer Carlos Ferrater has created a new bathroom collection for Rock that adapts to each style of life, but above all destined to the use of space. According to the architect: «The design of the pieces is modular and additive, which allows multiple options to the user, thanks also to the variants in the range of pieces. In small bathrooms, the design of the toilets allows the maximum use of space, placing the pieces in corners. In spacious bathrooms, a low piece of furniture is created around the perimeter of the bathroom, leaving a large central space ».

His name is Barcelona, and among its features we can tell the design of the sink, which breaks with the traditional scheme. Its function is not only limited to washing hands, but it is both sink and countertop, which makes it a multifunctional piece. In addition, a single washbasin design allows multiple variants: sinks, sinks, asymmetric basins, etc ...

The collection is completed with an auxiliary furniture and a towel rack for the washbasin, which stands out for its versatility, adapting to any area of ​​the bathroom space, and with a shower area composed of a large dish (1500 × 900) equipped with screens of two different sizes (1000 and 1400).

The set is complemented with taps + sprinkler XL and a platform to give a perfect finish to the space.

Further information: News Roca 2010