With the stone we do not literally mean to live inside a cave, but in a house they are a stone form and appearance of stone, giant, yes. It is an architect's design Andreas Angelidakis and is called Menir House.


The interior has a geological setting, very "rustic" so to speak, and on the outside we can see a kind of umbrella or giant flower. This flower has two functions: when there is sun it absorbs the solar rays to transform them into energy, but when it is windy or when night falls, it becomes a wind turbine. The number of petals or blades can vary and therefore the price would also vary.

house-menir2 It is not a very common house and it is certainly not cheap, but it is a concept to take into account to create the houses of the future. On its website we can find more similar projects, absolutely original and abstract, and also the first edition of this «menir house».

Further information: Andreas Angelidakis

Vía: Yanko Design

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