LED technology is slowly conquering the lighting market and more and more companies are starting to produce them and include them in their catalogs. Philips has recently released its models to the market Master LED, that combine the aesthetics of the classic light bulb for the home with a different interior.


The advances in efficiency of LED technology are incredible, with 7 watts of consumption that match the power of a classic bulb of 40 watts and with a durable life of 30 years (about 45.000 hours). They do not heat up and do not contain any type of gas, nor mercury, and also having a standard cap serves for the lamps that we have at home.

It is already available in European stores and although its price of 50 € may seem a bit high, we must think that if it meets the conditions it presumes, it will be more profitable than normal.

Further information: Philips

Vía: Engadget