With the arrival of a new occupant to the house, life seems to overflow with happiness but the decoration of the room The new member is often a problem for first-time parents.

essential furniture for a children's room

Is that the right choice within the wide range of possibilities would seem to be a problem, from the correct choice of flooring to the motifs that will decorate your walls going through the furniture, so we bring you some basic concepts in the decoration of the room of the long-awaited occupant.

decorated baby room

First, you must consider what space is available for the implementation of the New room, keep in mind that accessibility from your bedroom is essential since you will need to get up several times during the night, if there is the possibility of implementing new openings to promote accessibility you should contemplate them.

La choice of pavement It is essential, it must be a washable surface, since spills will be the order of the day, on the other hand when your baby begins to crawl it is essential that you can move freely without risk in contact with bacteria, so So much a surface that can be sanitized with steam cleaners would be ideal.

children's room popdecors

The Electric socket should be considered higher than the 1.10 meters and with respect to baseboards It is recommended that they be made of plastic and lightweight materials, the implementation of PVC panels that cover a few 40 cm on top of the skirting board, it will be able to cushion accidental goals of the baby when it crawls, they are also very practical to hide wiring like that of the camera. CCTV or heating pipes.

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children's room to the jungle

With respect to colors of the room, remember that early stimulation in infants is extremely necessary, therefore bright colors they will call your attention enormously, an interactive decoration in which there are accessories with movement and sound will stimulate the child and they will have great fun.

Luminosity can often require the enlargement of windows or placement of curtains To protect the baby from extreme weather conditions, remember that during the day the child will sleep in various periods requiring to be inside the room.

Cradle for baby in orange tones

El furniture is an essential part, you will find great solutions in functional furniture for babies, how can they be rocking cots They manage to become changers and also have compartments to store accessories.

Crib and bed in one

The cabinets must efficiently store all clothing and accessories without taking up too much space, the amount of clothes your baby needs and the need to dispose of it instantly leads to the order and accessibility is fundamental, therefore an inefficient closet can be that of large dimensions where to find the clothes appropriate takes time.

Consider having a Comfortable chair, since it will require it to breastfeed or take care of the child while we wait for it to fall asleep.

children's room in wood and white tones

As you will appreciate the decor When it comes to babies it is not an easy task, and an efficient room is one that can offer all the guarantees of safety to the child and their parents, in addition to the fact that it can be transformed and adapted to their needs as their child grows.