One more year the experts of Pantone have met in conclave to decide which chromatic palette will shine with its own light and will mark the route to follow in the decoration of the 2019. In interior design and also in our domestic spaces. Stay with your name. New Native.

chromatic palette
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The prestigious Pantone Institute, faithful to its annual appointment, has already selected what will be the chromatic palette that will inspire design and decoration professionals next summer. And the truth is that there is enough to say about it. Actually, New Native does not respond to a single color, but to seven magnificent tones. Some resounding and full of energy, and others more calm. Let's see what their philosophy is, what lies behind them and what they will contribute to our stays.

Chromatic palette: the celebration of the multicultural

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About to say goodbye to Ultra Violet, the dominant color of 2018 according to Pantone, it's a good time to start acquainting ourselves with the new color palette. New Native will bring to the decoration of homes and the world of interior design a multicultural and global scenario. This is what the direction of the Pantone Color Institute wanted, in the words of its vice president Laurie Pressman. And the main reason is that the world of design is also influenced by the globalization and cultural diversity that defines large cities.

Under this philosophy the new chromatic palette is a toast to all those influences and expressions that are related to each other. A mixture of the new with the traditional to give shape to a parade of tonalities baptized as multicultural. Pantone experts announce that the birth of this color palette is the result of years of globalization and the movement of people around the world. A fact that has given rise to a spontaneous aesthetic, nothing premeditated.

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The list of seven colors for the coming summer

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If there is something striking about New Native, it is that we have a chromatic palette that It has as a thread the natural. And this data will greatly favor its use in our particular decoration as an ally more in any domestic environment. Maybe in those salons and bedrooms where neutral tones predominate, or light woods in libraries Tailored and large tables where we hold our meetings with friends.

Terracotta, cadmium yellow, linen, ginger, barn red, dazzling blue and raisins. They are the colors that give meaning to New Native. They evoke wood, earth and numerous elements of nature. Some have been designed to shine in a special way in large spaces, such as red. Ideal to renovate the walls of a living room. And other colors come to unfold all their power of harmony and serenity, as it happens with linen as soon as you look at it.

Neutrals, very earthy or provocative

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A quick tour for each one of these seven colors it will allow us to go to the idea of ​​what they will be able to offer us. What are its nuances and singularities? Pantone Linen has many ballots to be One of the favorites of the chromatic palette if we decide to apply it at home. The reason is very simple: we are facing the most neutral tone of the family and seeing it will remind us of the color of stone and sand. Surely there are a thousand ways to incorporate it.

The second on the list is Pantone Ginger. A wonderful orange and red cocktail with a large dose of warmth that invites you to play with it in a thousand ways. In this chromatic palette the most earthly tone rests in Pantone Terra Cotta. Filled with pink and brown shades, it is a golden opportunity to cover a very visible wall with it and see what it feels like. The most provocative by New Native it's called Pantone Dazzling Blue. Intense and electric, it will leave a mark regardless of where we use it. Although the most successful will be to reserve it for specific details.

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This chromatic palette also has a chapter for yellows thanks to Pantone Cadmium Yellow. A calm and cozy color, perfect to be seen in meeting areas without taking great prominence. The opposite of what happens to Pantone Barn Red. Its clay and magenta appearance make it a color of great character. Good friend of dark woods and natural light. The final touch puts it Rum Raisin. The most stylish of the family. Its appearance is reminiscent of coffee beans and pure chocolate. Two very tempting tonalities for the unconditional of the contemporary environments with a sophisticated touch.

Close and easy to integrate

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Another quality of this color palette is its closeness to domestic decoration current. And it is not always possible to affirm such a claim with such vigor. Against colors of past seasons, the called New Native will make it easy for us when we decide to take action. Embody all those nuances and theoretical approaches to our actual decoration without fear of encountering unfortunate surprises. They are organic colors, present in fashion, in the design in general and in the clothing of indigenous peoples from South America.

We are familiar with the majority and it is easy to integrate them into domestic interiors due to the warmth and luminosity they give off. More sober or more neutral, they will not be out of place if we decide to renew large areas with them, including ceilings. Or we prefer that they enter our environments with more caution. Maybe updating the image of a piece of furniture.

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