Children's room

When we think about the realization of a decorative project for the room of the smallest, remember that it is very important the functionality and capacity of recollection that the space can offer.

We think about that and we present here some furniture solutions to refresh or design the decoration of the smallest room.

The design is based on reorganizing the spaces giving more freedom of movement, the tendency is that their children will not only sleep or study inside their rooms, therefore they need space to express themselves.

Children's roomChildren's room

Framed in this philosophy Clei an Italian brand specially dedicated to the development of multifunctional furniture design a line of convertible furniture for children and adolescents rooms, which manages to convert the bed in the study place through a desk bed.

Children's roomChildren's room

But if the area of ​​the room is generous you can opt for a desk bed wardrobe, which allows you to store your clothes by sliding doors placed on top of the bed.

All this furniture is made in the merco of primordiar functionality without neglecting the design and style.

And it is the most efficient way to organize everything you need without the need to take space away from the room.

child room decoration

As you can see the line of the Italian Clei does not overlook the tones and colors, fundamental elements for children's decoration that manage to plague of life and diversity the environment.

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