Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, perhaps the best-known and most popular designer on the Spanish scene, has done it again. It has surprised us again by incorporating its characteristic designs to the most varied elements, and this time it has been to the bathroom screen.

This space of the house is already an old acquaintance of Agatha who has designed elements that imprint their personal stamp to an intimate space such as the bathroom, in fact we have ever talked about them in 2.0 Decoration. Now it has allied with the Valencian company Profiltek and together they have launched an original range, unfettered and full of color and life, as it could not be otherwise.

The collection consists of five different series: Kolor, Alhambra, Newglass, Vetro y ArcoIris Plus. Each of them on many customization options.

The series Kolor, in particular, it is a mixture of design and tradition in which a technique called Fussing, based on the fusion of transparent glass with pieces of colored glass, a purely handmade process that results in pieces of different motifs and colors, each one different from the others.

The other series - Alhambra, Newglass, Vetro and Arcoiris Plus - offer fun designs based on the most known icons of Agatha, the heart, the clouds and the moles, and for each of them you can choose between three colors: red, blue and white.

Further information: Profiltek