The children's room is one of the few spaces where our imagination can fly farther than usual when it comes to creating. Each one of the objects with which we have it and all its decoration can acquire as many meanings as we can interpret, without counting the thousands of uses and adaptations that the children will make. In addition to bed they will have a tent, each chair will be a staircase, the carpet will be a battlefield and the window to the garden will be the panorama of a spaceship. When we are selecting the furniture and accessories of the children's room, we must not forget that each of the elements must feed their dreams and be a tool for play and experimentation.


RED BALLOM LAMP, from the Japanese design house KYOUEI DESIGN, is one of these items that will make our children use their imagination unlimitedly. The lamp consists of three fundamental parts: a white polypropylene balloon, a red LED bulb, more than 100 hours, and 2 small lithium batteries. Its placement is as simple as it can be to put a normal balloon, and like these, can be grouped and used to decorate a birthday party or to illuminate a common winter night. The fun lamp is very easy to obtain, easy to use and very economical. More information at