All, almost without exception, we have a treasure very loved and well preserved, for which we have worked hard; investigating, locating, buying, investing time, money and a lot of patience. This heritage can be one of the best documents that illustrate our life, our passage through childhood, adolescence, youth, our arrival at maturity and adulthood. It describes perfectly who we were and who we are today, how we have changed and, above all, what is essential to us, what is invariable. Our collection of music and films is a very serious subject, we usually keep it with great care in its original boxes, sometimes too hidden. We can not forget that the music we listen to and the films we see are a clear expression of our personality, our tastes and our attitude towards life.


OLO, designed by BRITT ASHCRAFT, makes us an innovative and very interesting proposal for those who find listening and seeing, a real pleasure. What he proposes is to take advantage of the graphic design of our music and film library, exposing it, without risking the good state of the discs, in a discreet and safe bookshelf. The individual pieces consist of a flexible button of 1.75 inches in diameter that can be glued to the wall or any flat surface. The compositions that are achieved by joining the discs are endless, depend only on our creativity and the amount of music and videos we have. To visit and acquire the web page

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