What illusion causes us to see that our children are growing and begin to develop great behaviors. Not only the moment they walk for the first time, which is magical, but when they make their first drawings, when they say their first words, when they crawl and you realize that they will not be more babies but small children: infants in development. You will see how your energy increases without measure and surely you will need strategies to channel all your creativity and help them learn the most important and in the best way.

children artists

It is very important for the boys the first time they face the table, no longer sitting in their baby dining room, but sharing a place in the family dining room. It is important that you learn the use of cutlery; spoon, fork and knife, surely you will be very interested in the spoon, because it is for desserts. It is essential that from small feel safe at the time of eating with family and strangers, who know how to value a good conversation at this time of sharing and also know how to participate in it. At the beginning it will cost them the use of the utensils but we are patient and we know that with the practice we reach mastery, they will teach us to use the chopsticks. An excellent idea to encourage them and us is to use the FRAME NAPKIN napkins that introduces them to the table as a game, as it frames any stain they can make eating, turning it into a work of art. It measures 49 cm by 52,2 cm and is manufactured by the Japanese design house KIOUEI. Let's visit it on the website www.kyouei-ltd.co.jp.