About us Systempool, included within Porcelanosa Group and specialized in the manufacture of bathtubs, dishes, shower cabins, saunas and hydromassage systems, presents its latest novelty in shower cabins. His name is Suite and stands out as much for its comfort as for the functionality it provides in the bathroom.


The combination of materials, with KRION® Stone in the plate, aluminum in black and white finishes, and tempered glass with maximum security, together with its advanced electronic touch control system (SC Touch) are the characteristics that set it apart from the rest.


Among all its benefits Suite stands out for its ceiling sprinkler with 196 simultaneous water exits or lateral massage jets. It also includes chromotherapy system, Turkish bath and AM and FM radio, with connection for MP3 player.


Its standard size is 120x90cm, but you can also choose the Duo version of 160 × 90 cm, for those who have a wider space and seek greater comfort at bath time.

Its division Spa Home offers the possibility of creating in your own home a spa area where you can enjoy water as a source of health and well-being.

Further information: Porcelanosa Group


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