Inipi is the name of the new sauna developed by Duravit. Its name refers to the sweat lodge used by the American Indians, but the firm has turned it into a cabin adapted to the times that run not only in design but also in technology, since all its mechanism is hidden so that it is not appreciate through the transparent walls.

The main structure consists of a wooden frame with front and rear glazing. horizontal wooden slats allow you to sit comfortably and draw a parallel lines that merge with the seats arranged on two levels and in which we can also fall thanks to its width.

The functions are controlled thanks to a remote control with a display that controls them, such as temperature, humidity, lights, color or sound. In addition there are several models to choose from depending on the space or our tastes, even several of them incorporate a side shower for after the sauna.

More information: Duravit

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  1. I need to know the price of a small sauna to place in a room, a single person, I am from Villa Mercedes San Luis Argentina as they send, and if they do the placement. Greetings I need urgently

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