Not all yachts They are the same, although most of them try to offer the public a comfortable transport, where the client's needs feel satisfied and provide them with rest, comfort and peace.

Some culminate with a creation of luxury and boast, while others ... are true wonders of creativity and design. On this occasion we see as a great example an innovative and almost magical transport ... Yacht island Desing.

If you wonder what is special, this impressive yacht, today we tell you that it is much more than being a mere transport. Yact Island Design is, simply, a tropical island in which to enjoy its Caribbean environment.

The deck of the yacht surprisingly resembles a tropical island where, thanks to its large dimensions, we can speak of a floating paradise. This transport has 90 meters long and provides a perfect Caribbean and warm atmosphere no matter where we are.

Inside we can find up to a volcano, which we can climb, we also see exceptional side cabins, lush tropical vegetation and beautiful wooden cabins. This makes our trip, perfection.

For those who are already packing, I tell you that this is just a sketch today. The company that wishes to carry out this great project, will equip the boat with an immersed pool with slide, a helioport, drink and food service, and the great possibility of going down to the lower deck to relax with the waves coming and going. .

On the deck we will enjoy an additional relaxation area, as well as four suites and a VIP suite integrated into the volcano. In addition this yacht will have a small waterfall, SPA, bar and dining area, you can travel to 15 knots and will have VIP suits. In addition, the high-end features such as cinema, library, games room, gym and an excellent sauna will make our trip a pleasant dream.

Finally, for those who plan to take the leap to adventure, I also tell you that Yacht Island Designs plans to make three other floating paradises, so we will just wait to meet them and decide where we want to travel!

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