In the near future, what will be the materials and elements that will shape the style of our houses towards which horizons the futuristic decoration is orienting us, which are the central elements of its themes?

It is not necessary to have a crystal ball or practice the cartomancy to know what will be the objects and materials that make up the next trends, just place the ear in the laboratories of designers who are preparing for new furniture and decoration fairs to appreciate their ideas and value them, since they of the contemporaries and the future creators will be positioned the pillars of a new aesthetic conception.

The new objects will tend to make you look at them without insinuating anything and demonstrating everything, technology will play its most important game by providing the tools with which the creatives design futuristic environments remembering old trends to adapt to their particular vision in the beauty of the spaces.

From here arise poetic, dynamic, fresh, youth with colors that say everything with street art and implemented as a technique, thanks to these new creators grew learning to appreciate and appreciate its particular beauty.

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These creations demonstrate saturation-free environments looking for simplicity without renouncing beauty and style.

The new creators will also seek ecological solutions since they understand that the first thing is always to take care of our planet, the panacea of ​​recycled materials and renewable natural materials such as bamboo, the ecology will determine the type of appliances, the morphology of the mats and even the size of the wardrobe always trying to maintain a perfect connection with the visual beauty that comes from its creations and combinations.

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Priding beauty and ecology, their projects fail to disappoint us because they have the creativity and passion that characterizes the great air fresheners of other times that were cataloged as daring at the time and the passage of time demonstrated their genius and perseverance.