For many years they were considered as rancid objects and without any charm. However now the zinc and brass containers are taken into account in the decoration to give a country touch, even romantic. They can be found in Todo a Cien stores, department stores like Ikea, even in more "level" decoration stores, and at a good price. What is important and fun is knowing how to give them the most appropriate use apart from what they have for themselves. For example: you can use the planters as planters and the showers as showers, but also the planter as a magazine rack, the watering can as a pot, or the small gardening sticks thought of as toy as spoons for salt or sugar in the kitchen.

watering can

Small containers are ideal as pens in the office and medium ones as the decorative solution for placing wooden cutlery in the kitchen. It is impossible to give the use for which it was created to a milkmaid, however, they are perfect if they are reused as an umbrella stand.

zinc pot

Zinc is still used to make the objects we already know, such as jars, trash cans and lifelines, but it is also possible to find small auxiliary furniture ideal for garages or rustic kitchens, wall-mounted magazine holders inspired by designs more minimalist made with other materials, including stackable boxes to store things from home and not necessarily from storage.