Office POD It is a great idea for those looking to work at home or have a private office for work matters. A place to be isolated in order to develop an activity in a comfortable and productive way.


It has been conceived as an independent module so that it can be installed in any place where space allows it and given its structure it is more advisable to install it in a corner. On the front is composed of glass to see the outside, and a wooden door. Inside it has a desk and furniture to store papers and other objects related to our work.


The installation is very simple and is done in just one day, and in addition to the benefits when working we must also take into account the energy savings it makes, with reduced emissions of CO2 and saving energy.


Its price has not been found and, although it is certainly quite high, it would have to be compared with what it would take us to set up an office at home.


Further information: Office POD

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  1. Oh yes, I imagine using that cube in the heats of Monterrey, Mexico.
    It is easy to reach 50 ° C in there.

  2. It is the garden is simple from the office shows to your page. It's amazing it's very beautiful. The office is model and special for the shape of the wood. The garden is that special for the office.

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