A while ago I met a smart guy who had just left his eight-year job in an office - I swear he's ready! - where he worked a daily 8 hours and supported a tyrant boss. The young man, who had as a project to start a new work life as an independent, was bursting with energy and hope. He planned, according to what he counted on hilarity, to take better advantage of time and rescue his hobbies and hobbies; I wanted to go to the movies more, to the pool, to go for more walks, to read more books, to see more of their friends. He counted on that distributing better the time and away from the administrative procedures his day-work would be diminished and his day-life / personal would be longer and productive.

home office

Recently I met the boy on the street and before I could ask him about his new activities in his extended free time, he clarified that he had only a few minutes to talk to me because he was extremely retarded with his work, while promising me an explanatory email, which arrived, and a cup of coffee the following weekend. I do not know exactly why because I'm still waiting for the espresso.

In the email he told me that his new freelance life was not so free and that now he had much less time than before, not only one boss but eight and he worked Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. He also wrote that he was very happy to be able to wake up at a more reasonable time (not 7: 30 but 8: 30), to be able to work at home listening to his favorite music (although he generally preferred silence so as not to deconcentrate) and not have to shower of desire in the morning and tie (although it had always seemed very elegant). Of course, I was very happy to have bought a MODU-LICIOUS home office set.

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MODU-LICIOUS is a set of office furniture with minimalist aesthetics and maximum storage capacity. The set offers the possibility of choosing between the original POWER DESK desktop model or the reduced DESKETTE version, as well as having a filing cabinet and two units with shelves. The main structure of the furniture is available in strawberry wood, and the doors and light pieces in veneered wood of seven different colors. More information on the website www.bludot.com