We must recognize, absurd as it may seem, that on some occasion we have dreamed of having a spare house, that we can have stored in the garage and that we only use when their need prevails. A small house (we can not imagine a palace) that is easily assembled and that is also modular, which would allow us to vary its functions, its size and its plants. We could use it as a warehouse, as a rest home, it would be a beautiful office, a studio, a guest house, or a playground for children, right in the back garden of our everyday home.


A solution for this dream is the OFT proposal of the design house SAND & BIRCH STUDIO, made up of the creators Samanta Snidaro, Andrea Fino and Barbara Giroldi. The name OFT comes from the word Loft, to which the initial letter L has been removed, which is in this abbreviation the description of "Largo". In fact, this modular house is characterized by its small size and its basic composition, but like the Loft floors, it has a great capacity to adapt its spaces based on needs and change. This architectural system is transformed in time and space according to our needs and by just varying the structural elements we will have at least four spatial arrangement options. For more information about this new proposal, visit the website http://www.sandbirch.com.